The Elephant in the Room. Funding Home and Community Care: Who Pays and How?

We believe that it is time for a serious conversation about funding a home and community care policy that parallels the Canada Health Act. Specifically: Who will pay for the system, how will they pay, and where will the money come from? We need to arrive at a consensus, and ensure that elected representatives (including future candidates for office) and public decision-makers know what we need and expect.

Stable, designated funding through general tax revenues ā€“ though politically and often personally unpopular ā€“ is the most feasible and workable approach, given the magnitude of the funds needed for a home care and community support services system. It covers the population completely and equitably and remains true to the fundamental principles of the Canada Health Act.

We summarized the various funding approaches argued for by scholars, journalists, politicians, and advocacy groups. Read about them and our other position statements here, or download our summary.

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