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In 2017, Care Watch’s Board of Directors affirmed the organization’s mandate to advocate for in-home and community support services to facilitate safe and positive ageing-at-home for Ontario’s senior citizens.

It also confirmed that Care Watch’s primary objective and operating strategy is advocacy – that is, influencing the direction of public policy regarding the development and maintenance of high quality, publicly funded programmes that make it possible for ageing Ontarians, including the frail elderly, the chronically ill and those with disabilities to remain in their homes and actively engaged in their communities as long as possible.

To achieve our objectives, Care Watch will also:

    • Encourage users of home and community support services to participate in all aspects of their care, speaking out about the successes and failures they experience;
    • Enhance community awareness of, and information respecting, the changes in the development and provision of in-home and community support services; and,
    • Engage diverse groups of seniors, allied organizations and the public, in shaping public policy related to preventive and supportive home and community support services.

In 2018, Care Watch Ontario updated its criteria for involvement in the organization to ensure that it has access to the perspectives, experience and energy needed to advance its mandate and objectives. We amended the organization’s by-laws to facilitate membership and participation, including the creation of two ways to participate in our activities: as members or supporters/contacts.

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