Contacting the Media

Media – newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV – are powerful. What you say can get people talking, asking questions, and demanding change. Anyone can contact the media, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Newspapers & Magazines

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Below is a list of regional print media to which you can submit letters to the editor and op eds. Please note that letters to the editor must include the full name, address, and phone number(s) of the sender (daytime, evening, and cellphone). Newspapers do not publish your personal address and phone numbers.

Print MediaSubmit Letters to Editor / Op-Ed to:
Globe and /
Ottawa /
Toronto /
Waterloo Regional

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Radio & TV

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Radio and TV give you a chance to make your message heard. A station may want to cover your issue or even interview you.

NewsroomsContact Information
CBC  – Radio and TVContact a CBC newsroom, show or journalist with your tips or story ideas. Scroll through the list to find your regional CBC newsroom, send a news tip, or contact a CBC staff member.
Content guidelines:
CTV NewsSubmit a news tip or idea for a story online at: team:
Telephone: (416) 384-5000
Telephone Ontario: 1-800-668-0060
Telephone National: 1-866-690-6179
TTY/TDD: 1-800-461-1542
Global NewsGlobal encourages contact with its local outlets: Global News – Contact Us
Scroll down until you find the listings for Ontario
Queen’s Park Press GalleryThe Legislative Assembly Press Gallery list gives contact information for each accredited media outlet. This can be useful if media events are hosted at Queen’s Park.

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