Policy & Legislation

Legislation is the foundation for policies, programmes, and services. Regulations add more specifics. Finally, policies spell out what will actually happen.

Before government passes legislation, it consults with people and groups who may be affected. It may also consult with members of the public. Regulations have less public input, and policies have even less. Government can add, remove, or change regulations and policies without consultation.

Care Watch comments and advocates at each stage. We analyze legislation, regulations, and policies. We assess how they affect home and community care for older Ontarians. When we can, we comment on drafts so we can influence the results.

Key legislation and regulations relating to home and community care can be found here.

Home and Community Service Regulations

July/August 2021

Care Watch submitted feedback on the proposed regulations for Ontario’s Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act. We are pleased with some changes from earlier drafts, but also have questions and concerns. We look forward to the next iteration.

Tears don’t save lives. Ontario’s Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission Final Report

May 2021

When COVID-19 invaded Ontario, people who lived and worked in long-term care were hit the hardest. Ontario’s premier has wept over the death and suffering. Tears are moving, but they don’t save lives.

Bill 175 – Changing Home and Community Care

April 2021

Government says the Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act won’t change how people receive services. We’re not so sure. We are concerned about inconsistency, new settings, care coordination, client protections, accountability, and privatization.

Bill 175 – Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act

May 2020

Bill 175 significantly changes home and community care. We applaud the ministry’s goal of modernizing care, but we need to know more. How will this new law live up to government’s claim that it now will be easier to access home and community services.

Thinking Strategically

October 2019

The needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) older adults are larger than any neighbourhood, community, or province. The solutions must also be larger. A strategy will bring together vision, analysis, action, and commitment.

The War for Drugs: National Pharmacare Strategy

September 2019

Canada is the only country in the world with universal medical care but no universal prescription drug coverage. It’s time to stop blaming each other. We need to change our approach.

Asking the Questions: Ontario Health Teams

July 2019

If you have questions about the new Ontario Health Teams, you’re not alone. How will they improve care, what will the transition look like, and what will change for individuals and families? Look behind broad statements and ask for specifics.

Basket of Services

May 2019

Older adults need services to remain at home and keep their independence. What they actually get, however, can depend as much on geography as on need. We believe every older Ontarian is entitled to a comprehensive array – or basket – of services.