Insights on Ageism

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Ageism: An Ugly Word and an Uglier Truth

July 2020

Everyone wants to grow old, and no one wants to grow old. Let’s look beyond facts and hear from some older adults. Three of them tell us about it.

COVID-19: Our Newest Teacher

June 2020

COVID-19 brought some unsettling truths to the surface. We don’t value older adults or the people who care for them. We entrust the care of vulnerable people to profit-making organizations. Our province, and it’s not alone, has failed its older adults. We need to do better.

What about Ageism

June/July 2019

June is Seniors’ Month in Ontario. But that’s the irony. We celebrate older adults while we still patronize, disparage, and discriminate against them. They are accused of burdening the health care system. Politicians ignore them until election time, and the media portray them as stupid and a source of ridicule. Name it and shame it.