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Our organization

Care Watch Ontario is not-for-profit, volunteer-run, and senior-led. We believe senior citizens must be actively involved in decisions about policies and practices that affect their lives and their communities, so the majority of our board members must be age 60 years or older.

We are primarily a volunteer organization. A small legacy from a founding member and some individual donations supplement our operations. Care Watch is incorporated as a not-for-profit advocacy organization and therefore does not have charitable status.

From time to time, Care Watch receives external project funding. Care Watch has received funding from provincial and federal agencies, including the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Status of Women Canada, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Our purpose

Care Watch advocates for high quality home and community care services that foster safe and dignified ageing for Ontario’s senior citizens.

How we work

We have no political affiliation. We work with decision makers and politicians of all stripes to achieve an equitable home care system that supports dignified ageing.

What we advocate

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  • Public policies and practices that support senior citizens
  • A basket of home and community services that meet province-wide standards and are available to all Ontario senior citizens
  • Adequate and stable funding for home care and community support services
  • Wages, benefits, and working conditions that recognize the value of people who provide home and community care
  • Services that are delivered primarily by community-based, non-profit organizations
  • Elimination of ageism and creation of opportunities that foster safe and dignified ageing

Our working approach

  • Communicating with the Care Watch community, politicians, decision makers, media, and the public
  • Informing and engaging our audiences
  • Influencing policies for home and community care
  • Monitoring our environment and responding to issues that affect home and community care for senior citizens

What we believe

We believe that Ontario’s senior citizens must have:

CHOICES – Opportunities to make choices that will enable them to live at home with dignity and as much independence as possible.

A VOICE – The right to be involved in policy decisions affecting home care and community services.

SUPPORT – Access to community services and programs that help them to be productive, active participants in their own communities.


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