Elections 2022

cartoon image saying "your vote is your voice - be heard" by Ben Sargent

When you vote, you make your voice heard. Care Watch closely follows elections – before, during, and after – with particular attention to what candidates and parties say and do about issues important to older adults.

This past year has been an important one in Ontario, with both provincial and municipal elections in 2022. We asked questions, reviewed what candidates and parties told us, and posted information for our readers.

Whenever you have the opportunity, ask, think, and then vote!

Municipal Election 2022

Remember October 24th. That’s when Ontario is electing councillors and mayors in cities across the province. Municipalities are the behind-the-scenes players: they are responsible for much of what affects our daily lives.

Provincial Election 2022

On June 2nd, Ontario elected its provincial government. We asked candidates and parties some specific questions. What were their plans for investing in home and community care, holding providers accountable, attracting and keeping community-based personal support workers, and supporting unpaid caregivers?