Provincial Election 2022

On June 2nd, Ontario elected its provincial government. We asked candidates and parties some specific questions. What were their plans for investing in home and community care, holding providers accountable, attracting and keeping community-based personal support workers, and supporting unpaid caregivers?

We posted their answers along with our reviews of party platforms and policy documents. After the election, we took another look at what the winning party – the Progressive Conservatives – had promised and what we still needed to know. We will be monitoring how our government fulfills its promises.

Ontario Election 2022: The Next Chapter

July 22, 2022

Ontario elected its provincial government on June 2nd.  Each party promised to invest in home and community services and the people who deliver those services. Now comes the hard part. The election was the end of one chapter in the story. It’s the next chapter that counts.

Today’s Riddle: Now It’s Up to You

May 30, 2022

Today’s riddle: What is it? Clue: It belongs to you, has never belonged to anyone else, and never will belong to anyone else.

The Parties Speak

May 9, 2022

Care Watch began its election campaign by writing to leaders and presidents in the Green, Liberal, New Democratic, and Progressive Conservative parties. When we receive answers, we will post them here along with our reviews of party platforms and policy documents.

Looking for Answers About Home and Community Care

April 20, 2022

Let’s listen to older Ontarians. More than 90% of them have said they want to grow older at home and not in an institution. Yet Ontario gives more attention and more funding to institutional care. The system has lost its balance.

Looking for Answers about Accountability for Home and Community Care

April 13, 2022

When we buy something, we know what we’re paying for. If it doesn’t work, we know what to do about it. We need to know the same things about home and community services. All of us – through our taxes – pay for these services, so it’s our right to know what government is doing with our money. It’s also our responsibility.

Looking for Answers About the People who Care for Older Adults

April 8, 2022

People have spoken. More than 90% of older Ontarians want to grow older in their own homes and communities. They need help to make that happen. Most of this help comes from the personal support workers who work in home care and community services. Additional help comes from family members, neighbours, and friends – caregivers who aren’t paid for what they do.

Get Ready for the Provincial Election

February 2022

It’s winter in Ontario, and what can we look forward to? Warmer weather – we can expect that. An end to the worst of the pandemic – we can hope for that. And a provincial election in June – we can count on that one. Mark June 2nd on your schedule.