cartoon image saying "your vote is your voice - be heard" by Ben Sargent

“We need to sit in the front seat when it comes to making policy decisions about senior citizens.”

Bea Levis, former Senior Citizenship Activist and Care Watch Vice-Chair

The voices of senior citizens need to be heard when governments set agendas and develop programmes. We have the right to be involved in decisions about policies and practices that affect our lives and our communities. Involvement is also our responsibility.

Care Watch Ontario is a senior-led organization, which advocates for high quality, affordable, and equitable home care and community supports for Ontario’s elderly. We monitor federal, provincial, and municipal policies and give decision makers analysis and feedback – from the consumer’s perspective – on how to develop and support a home care system that fosters dignified ageing.

Elections are key opportunities for our voices to be heard and our perspectives considered.

We encourage you to participate and to ask questions whenever possible, for example, at meetings and when candidates come to your door. This is your chance to make sure that the parties and candidates that want and need your vote will respond to the needs of seniors.

Whichever parties and whichever candidates win at the polls, the needs remain the same:

  • To advocate for policies and programmes in the interest of seniors
  • To influence how our tax resources are used
  • To monitor how, and whether, the programmes and services put in place achieve the intended results

Senior citizens bring perspective and experience to the discussion. Let’s speak up.

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