Position Statements

The public discussion about how we as senior citizens can lead lives that are as healthy and engaged as possible continues to unfold. Care Watch Ontario has adopted several policies that we believe should guide the development and delivery of seniors’ care and support — these policies are set out in our Position Statements.

Designated Funding

October, 2010

Population change in North America is a reality. Currently, fewer than 16% of Canadians are under 15 years ir age. A growing proportion of the population is reaching 65+ (15.5%) with many reaching 85+ (1.5% in 2009). It is time to look at what these changes mean for our public health care system.

Policy debates must include discussion of a stable funding plan for home care and community support services. In its Pragmatic Proposal, Care Watch proposes a scheme which is equitably funded and provides for universality of supportive home care.

Download our full proposal, A Pragmatic Proposal: Supportive home care requires DESIGNATED funding, 2011

Care Watch Principles

“We did not lose our license for citizenship when we retired. We need to sit in the front seat when it comes to making policy decisions about seniors citizens.”
– Long-time senior citizen activist and former Care Watch vice chair, Bea Levis

Produced as part of a participatory action research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, this brochure outlines the guiding principles of Care Watch’s advocacy.

Download our principles, Driving Policy Change on Supportive Home Services for Senior Citizens, 2016