Personal Support Worker Registry of Ontario

As mentioned in November 2017, a “PSW Registry” [1] is being redeveloped and re-introduced. The redevelopment is being led by the Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences for implementation in phases over the next three years, culminating in a comprehensive, mandatory registry by 2019 [2]. Apparently, the PSWs hired by the SDCO will have to be registered.

Although there is relatively little information on the Registry’s website, the initial phase of the PSW Registry is intended to start with the following:

  • Verification of a PSW’s credentials and additional certification (NOTE: This process was grossly underfunded in the previous registry, leading to significant difficulty in verifying foreign credentials and Ontario equivalency, and thus a lack of credibility. Information on the Registry’s budget is scarce);
  • A registration process for qualified applicants;
  • A Code of Ethics ( (although a good start, a code of ethics is not the same or as enforceable as professional competency standards);
  • A transparent interim complaints process; and,
  • An employer portal to assist in the filling of vacancies.

Also according to the website, the Registry will be open to all PSWs of Ontario; however, registration will be done in phases. The Registry will start with a small “sample of graduates” from an Ontario PSW Certificate Programme, who graduated in June 2016 or later, to allow the Registry to test and gain valuable feedback for the eventual mandatory comprehensive Registry. The Registry will gradually invite the remaining PSW population to enrol through expanded eligibility processes.

[1] A prior registry was closed in 2016 following complaints.

[2] Until then, current information available suggests that registration is voluntary.