Care Watch has produced videos exploring ageing, ageism, and political activism & advocacy on issues related to our mandate.

Four dramatic vignettes on ageing were developed for the project Still Acting Out!, a collaboration between Care Watch and Toronto Seniors Forum, funded by New Horizions.

Still acting out! @ 2016, Care Watch & Toronto Seniors Forum

The three videos produced in 2014 are a series developed through Care Watch’s participation in a research project, Exercising Senior Citizenship in an Ageist Society, funded by The Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Canada.

What is ageism? Voices of senior citizens & their advocates © CareWatch, 2014

Pressing issues for a growing seniors’ movement © CareWatch, 2014. Conversations with Care Watch Members about issues affecting senior citizens, including the need for designated funding for supportive home care.

Bea Levis: History of a lifelong activist © CareWatch, 2014. Bea Levis, a board member of Care Watch, talks about her history of political activism. Preface by Dr. Barry Trentham (University of Toronto)

A message from Care Watch members, responding to the Drummond Report and addressing designated funding for supportive home care, © CareWatch, 2012