Organizing the System Archive

Open Letter to the Minister of Health Canada and the Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

January 2017

Older Canadians need programmes and national standards to promote health and independence. Within the dollars available, Canada’s leaders must protect funding for in-home care and community services. Care Watch beseeches federal and provincial ministries to move beyond political maneuverings to enact a national home and community care framework.

Letter to Minister Hoskins Proving Input to the Consultation Process Regarding Restructuring of Ontario’s Health Care and Home & Community Care Systems

July 2016

We support “patient-centeredness” and “client choice” and would add a third principle – public service to Ontarians. We also recommend funding community agencies to coordinate care; basing the system on not-for-profit organizations; investing in personal support workers; expanding services that keep people healthy at home; and delivering consistent, reliable, and adequately funded services across the province.

For Ontario’s seniors, “Patients First” mistakenly emphasizes clinical solutions to community issues

January 2016

Although “patients first” is the underlying principle, the focus is on clinical care providers. Restructuring discussions should also include the voices of older adults, family caregivers, and the non-health community-based organizations that provide critical home and community care services