Ontario Municipal Elections 2022: Don’t Stop Asking

November 2, 2022

On October 24th, cities across Ontario elected councillors and mayors. The votes were cast (we hope yours was among them), and the candidates were chosen. We’d understand if you thought that was the end of a story, but it’s really a beginning. Now is when the hard work starts.

When elections were called, Care Watch began by asking questions. We asked candidates how they would:

  • Help older adults remain safe, independent, and productive
  • Support public health, particularly for older residents
  • Provide affordable housing
  • Establish and maintain high quality home and community care and services
  • Promote services delivered by not-for-profit community-based organizations
  • Push for wage equality so that workers in home and community care earn as much as those working in hospitals and long-term care homes

You can see what some of them told us here.

Mayors and councillors were elected to work for you.

We have to keep asking questions and demanding answers.

Those questions are just as important now. We know the number of older Ontarians is growing. Older adults (and those on the way to becoming older adults) want to stay in their homes and communities, but only if they feel safe and supported. Our municipalities make that possible. What they do provides the backdrop for other health services. That’s why we have to keep asking questions and demanding answers.

Some candidates told you their priorities. Don’t forget to tell them yours. Your mayors and councillors work for you. We need them to build the cities all of us want to live in now and as we grow older.

What can you do?

Make sure the people you elected do their jobs.

  • Ask them what they are doing about what’s important to you and then check to make sure they are really doing it. If they aren’t doing it, let them know what you expect.
  • Contact their constituency and municipal office(s). Keep in touch with them.
  • Don’t let them forget that they work for you and for everyone else in Ontario. Expect and demand accountability.

It’s up to you!