Ageism permeates perspectives on how we age, our value in society, and–ultimately–the development and execution of policy around services available to senior citizens to promote ageing with dignity in our communities of choice. Because of this, Care Watch critically examines the impact of ageism and how we can confront and diminish its effects in policy and practice.

We produced a series of 1-pagers on identifying, naming, and resisting ageism during the course of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)-funded research project we participated in in collaboration with researchers at the University of Toronto.

Click on each image to download the 1-pager. Please use and share widely.

One-pager title "Ageism"

One-pager titled "What's in a Name"

One-pager titled "Passing"; passing for a younger age

One-pager titled "Supportive Homecare"