Submissions to Decision Makers Archive

Submission to Ontario’s 2020 Pre-Budget Hearing

November 2019

When government funding for home and community services isn’t enough, community providers must cut services and increase client fees. Ontario Health Teams must include home and community services as core services, and these services need sufficient dedicated funding. We also advocate for a workforce strategy for community services.

Submission to 2019 Pre-Budget Hearings, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

January 2019 [CONTENT TO BE ADDED]

After almost a decade of flat-lined budgets, despite the significant increases in Ontario’s population of seniors and government’s interest both in expanding access and in shifting care from the acute and long-term care sectors to the community, Ontario’s in-home and community support services received approximately a 2% increase to their base funding last year. This increase was very welcomed, but not enough to fully mitigate years of neglect. 

Submission to 2018 Pre-Budget Hearings, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs

January 2018 [CONTENT TO BE ADDED]

We appreciate that the demands on health care budgets are fierce and competitive, and that money is not available to simply grow the provincial health sector.  However, within the dollars available, Ontario must increase and protect funding in support of in-home care and community support services because senior citizens across Ontario will and must age at home. 

Submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Respecting: Levels of Care Framework Discussion Paper

September 2016 [move to delivering services archive]

Care Watch recognizes the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s leadership in restructuring home and community care, but there are still some missing pieces. We believe the government of Ontario as a whole, not one ministry, should be responsible for addressing the wellbeing of older Ontarians. Home care should not be linked only to the medical system. Also, we see no real discussion about how to pay for services.

Budget Submission 2016

February 2016

Community social and support services are critical components of primary health care. Services to support autonomous living for older adults, people with disabilities, and persons with chronic illnesses are critical to the success of any home and community care plan.