Get Involved

You can get involved by becoming a member/supporter or by donating to Care Watch. We are a not-for-profit senior-led organization and we greatly appreciate your contributions, whichever way you wish.

Become a Participant in or Supporter of Care Watch Ontario

In 2017, Care Watch’s Board of Directors affirmed the organization’s mandate to advocate for in-home and community support services to facilitate safe and positive ageing-at-home for Ontario’s senior citizens.

It also confirmed that Care Watch’s primary objective and operating strategy is advocacy – that is, influencing the direction of public policy regarding the development and maintenance of high quality, publicly funded programmes that make it possible for ageing Ontarians, including the frail elderly, the chronically ill and those with disabilities to remain in their homes and actively engaged in their communities as long as possible.

To achieve our objectives, Care Watch will also:

  • Encourage users of home and community support services to participate in all aspects of their care, speaking out about the successes and failures they experience;
  • Enhance community awareness of, and information respecting, the changes in the development and provision of in-home and community support services; and,
  • Engage diverse groups of seniors, allied organizations and the public, in shaping public policy related to preventive and supportive home and community support services.

In 2018, Care Watch Ontario updated its criteria for involvement in the organization to ensure that it has access to the perspectives, experience and energy needed to advance its mandate and objectives. We amended the organization’s by-laws to facilitate engagement in our activities in two ways: as participants or supporters/contacts.

Join Us


Membership is open to individuals who are Ontario residents, are 18 years of age or older, and apply for membership. Care Watch does not charge an annual fee.

In addition to being interested in Care Watch’s objectives and willing to promote them, we ask members to actively contribute. These contributions can take various forms: provide input to research and analysis of issues; development of policies and position statements or discussion papers; and participation in public awareness/education or outreach and/or advocacy activities and campaigns (for example, public presentations or special events). Members may participate through involvement in the Board of Directors or a board committee, project task group or an advocacy campaign. Members’ suggestions for other forms of participation are welcome.

Members are eligible to be nominated to Care Watch’s Board of Directors. We are a senior-led organization, so the majority of our board members must be 60 years or older.

Members are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Voting at Annual General Meetings
  • Seek nomination to, and be elected or appointed to, the Board of Directors
  • Receive notice of meetings of the organization, including public meetings or events sponsored or co-sponsored by the organization
  • Receive notice of position statements and other advocacy information published by Care Watch.


Individuals or organizations wishing to support and advance Care Watch’s objectives and positions or policies, or simply receive information on our policies, positions or campaigns, are encouraged to be a Supporter by registering their contact information with us.

Supporters are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Periodic newsletters
  • Notice of upcoming Annual General Meetings
  • Notice of relevant information or educational sessions
  • Notice of position statements and other advocacy information published by Care Watch or allied organizations

How to apply

Please download, complete and return this participant application form  to let us know how you want to be involved and how to maintain contact with you.

Care Watch is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, without share capital. It is funded by a legacy from the estate of founding member Charlotte Maher, interest from a small investment, individual donations, and, occasionally, project grants.

All revenues support our advocacy work. Monies cover minimal administrative services (part-time administrative coordination and monthly telephone, Internet, and website costs) and sponsored public events (room rentals, light refreshments, and printed materials). SPRINT Senior Care generously provides a small office rent-free, which we share with similar community organizations.

Care Watch is a non-partisan, volunteer organization. We have no political affiliation and work with decision makers and politicians of all stripes to establish and maintain an equitable home care system that supports safe and dignified ageing. Our members prepare all analyses, advocacy documents, proposals, and other communications on a volunteer basis.

We welcome and appreciate donations to support our advocacy work. However, Care Watch is not a registered charity and, consequently, cannot issue tax receipts for donations.

You can donate to Care Watch by either sending a cheque or an electronic money transfer:

  1. Send a cheque payable to Care Watch to our office at: Care Watch, 130 Merton St. Suite 600, Toronto ON M4S 1A4
  2. Send an e-Transfer to Care Watch at

If making a donation via e-Transfer:

  • Please send an e-mail to to confirm the password and include your name and address so that we can acknowledge your donation.
  • For the e-Transfer, please state ‘donation from [name]’ in the “message” area.