Federal Election 2021

On September 20, Canada holds a federal election.  Care Watch has provided some information on key issues for older adults, addressing accountability for long-tem care, national pharmacare, a workforce strategy and a seniors strategy. Please share this page with friends, family and your social networks.

Election Action 2021: Who’s Minding the Store?

Across Canada, long-term care standards are inconsistent and often weak. Even worse, they aren’t enforced. Money for long-term care goes from the federal government to the provinces and territories, but with minimal control over how they use it. Older Canadians are paying a high price for systems that don’t work.

Election Action 2021: Good Care Doesn’t Just Happen

COVID-19 slapped us hard. Older adults, particularly those living in group settings, were hit the hardest. The workers caring for them were overworked, stressed, and in constant fear. Most of them  – both in the community and in group settings – are personal support workers.

Election Action 2021: National Pharmacare

Canada is the only country in the world that has universal medical care but doesn’t have universal coverage for prescription drugs. That’s just wrong. Drugs are the second largest expense in the health care system – just after hospitals – and we’re paying more than we need to.

Election Action 2021: A Strategy for Older Canadians

The system we built for previous generations no longer works for this one. The needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) older Canadians are larger than any neighbourhood, any community, or any province, so we need larger approaches. This is the time for a national seniors strategy.