Municipal Election 2018

cartoon image saying "your vote is your voice - be heard" by Ben Sargent

Elections will be held for municipal councils across Ontario on Monday, October 22, 2018. Municipal elections, although given less media attention than federal and provincial ones, directly affect our ability as seniors to live independently in our own homes, because municipalities control or strongly influence a wide range of services needed to support seniors to age safely in our own homes and communities. Like all political decision-makers, municipal councillors should earn our votes.

Seniors can make a large difference in election results – if we let candidates know what we want.

We also need to vote!

Everyone is encouraged to become informed about the municipal election and how the results may affect us, both directly and indirectly.  You are especially encouraged to speak with municipal candidates seeking your support about any concerns you have. Ask candidates about their personal positions and commitments, and consider their responses when determining how you will vote.

Municipal Election Backgrounders